The Subaru brand prides itself on the resilience and long-term dependability of its cars, with up to 97 percent of Subaru models released in the past 10 years still functional and on the road to this day. In our used Subaru inventory here at Island Subaru, you will find pre-owned Subaru sedans, hatchbacks, and crossover SUVs which fit this mold, with a proven history of driving and many outstanding years of driving ahead of them. Check out our used Subaru inventory here at Island Subaru and see all that awaits you here in Staten Island, NY; we are conveniently located right here within Old Town on Hylan Blvd.

Our used Subaru inventory is ever-changing, but you just might find some of our top Subaru models available here in Staten Island including the:

  • Subaru Impreza
  • Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Subaru Outback
  • Subaru Crosstrek

Why Buy Used?

You may ask us "If Subaru models are so long-lasting, what can a used car offer me that a new Subaru cannot? This is a good question to ask, but one of the strongest benefits people see in a used Subaru is their affordable prices. In fact, you may even find additional financial benefits to purchasing a used car from insurance and registration as most auto insurance carriers offer discounts to those who buy pre-owned, while the cost of renewing registration on a pre-owned car tends to decrease each year you own it. Considering the longevity of a Subaru and the fact that many of our pre-owned Subaru models were released only in the past couple years, this may prove an advantageous incentive.

The other benefit our customers tend to find in a pre-owned Subaru are the options which come with one. Our used Subaru inventory contains a wide variety of sedans and SUVs in many different trim levels, so you just may find an abundance of standard features and more technological advancements than you may expect to find on the average used car. Many of our used Subaru models in Staten Island come equipped with technology such as EyeSight® Driver-Assistive features, SUBARU STARLINK™ infotainment systems, leather seating, and so much more!

Check Out a Pre-Owned Subaru Today!

If a used Subaru sounds like a worthy choice for your needs, then come check one out here at Island Subaru and test drive one of our used models today! We look forward to seeing you behind the wheel of your next car in Staten Island!