If you're like a lot of folks in the greater Staten Island and NYC areas, then you've had your eye on a new Subaru for quite some time. However, at many of the dealerships around the area, buying a new car can be a prohibitively costly proposition, especially as we head into the summer. However, here at our Staten Island Subaru dealership, we've got great deals on new Subaru leasing to be had, and we'd love to show you how you can save by take advantage of them.

Now, if you're like many of the shoppers we've served from nearby Brooklyn, you might rightly be wondering, "What makes leasing a new Subaru with Island Subaru a better bet than buying another new car?"

Well, for one thing, when you lease a new Subaru, you're only paying for the time you drive the vehicle, rather than paying for the vehicle outright. As a result, leasing a new Subaru usually means that you'll enjoy lower monthly payments than financing a new vehicle these days.

But besides the innate advantages of new Subaru leasing, it's also worth mentioning all the new Subaru incentives and attractive promotions you can take advantage of here at Island Subaru. With our outstanding offers, we think you'll come away pleasantly surprised by how much you can save on popular new Subaru models like the Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, Subaru Impreza and more.

So, if the idea of leasing a new Subaru near NYC is appealing to you more and more, we'd love to be of service to you here at our Staten Island dealership. Reach out to our team today to explore our new Subaru leasing options and take a test drive today.

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