Accessorize Your Subaru

Owning a Subaru is a lot of fun. Not only are Subaru's adventurous, accommodating, and capable, but they're also available with a variety of accessories. Whether you want accessories to improve the cosmetic appearance of your car or you want to make your vehicle more suitable for weekend trips, these are some of the ways you can accessorize your Subaru:
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Review the 2021 Subaru Outback

When Subaru made changes to its Outback model, it was for the 2020 edition. Now, the 2021 Subaru Outback is here but it only features two technology upgrades and a visibility upgrade: Passenger’s Seat Belt Warning Light and Chime, and a Rear-Seat Reminder System in the technology department, and Adaptive Headlamps in the visibility department. These changes easily fly under the auto-radar and are not as pronounced yet they are improvements, though subtle, to the Outback ecosystem.
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Service Your Car with Island Subaru of Staten Island

Island Subaru of Staten Island has always had a great parts and service department, capable of handling anything from your regular oil change to brake maintenance. The team of factory trained technicians have always been known for their knowledge, accurate diagnosis and technical expertise in use of specialized tools when servicing a vehicle.
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Subaru Express Service in Staten Island

Many of our customers have a lot on their minds, especially with the pandemic. Your mind may be full of work, running the kids around, or doing repairs on your home. The last thing you want to think about during the fall is servicing your Subaru. However, we have ways to simplify your life. Let us take a minute to tell you about Subaru Express Service

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